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I would highly recommend Sonika to anyone who is looking for a Botox or Filler practitioner. Not only does Sonika offer the most thorough and professional service with the best outcome I have ever received, she is also the friendliest and warmest person and managed to completely alleviate my concerns with her expert knowledge.
– Miss. R.H, Berskhire

Sonika has been treating me for over 2 years to help me with tension in my jaw muscles, which contributed to tension headaches and jaw clenching. Since I have been having my botox treatments with her, it has reduced the stiffness in my jaw muscles and also the associated pain. It has made a real difference to me. I would recommend Sonika to anyone who is experiencing the same problems as I have had.
– Mr U.N, Somerset

I have had botox treatments done before, but since I have been going to Sonika, I cannot recommend her more. Her clinical, professional yet relaxed approach and the care she takes to give you all the available treatment options to help you achieve the best result have impressed me.
– Mrs K.G, Hampshire

I was a patient of Sonika’s for three years and was very disappointed when she left the area. It was very reassuring to have somebody who I could totally trust.
My visits were always very relaxed and friendly. The results were fantastic!
Sonika is very professional and dedicated to making sure everything is done to the highest standards. I would highly recommend Sonika.

– Mrs K. P, Berkshire

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